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Hospital Referral Region Data

By participating in a shared savings program, health care providers in ACOs have an incentive to simultaneously improve quality and overall efficiency of care. Each ACO’s performance will be gauged against benchmarks that reflect utilization patterns, costs, and quality of care in the states and communities from which it draws patients.

An ACO can better develop goals and create implementation plans by examining publicly available sources of data. One valuable resource, hospital referral region (HRR) data, was recently made available by the Institute of Medicine as a part of a project to examine geographic variation in health care utilization, quality, and expenditures. These data may be found on the IOM’s website at: http://www.iom.edu/Activities/HealthServices/GeographicVariation/Data-Resources.aspx

We have drawn on these data to develop a spreadsheet for ACOs to use to analyze their own state level data and compare them to national data.

  • The attached document provides a detailed explanation of the data and suggestions for how to use them: HRR Data Guide

  • The attached document provides an Excel Spreadsheet with the HRR data: HRR Data Spreadsheet

The Excel spreadsheet includes two important pages:

  • A summary report (ADLS Summary Report) that contains a limited set of the 300+ indicators included on the HRR Level Reports published by the IOM.

  • Definitions of the measures that are presented in the summary report.


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