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Accountable Care Organization (ACO)

Accelerated Development Learning Session

Sponsored by the Center for Medicare and Medicaid Innovation
Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services

The third and final Accelerated Development Learning Session was held at The Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Service (CMS) in Baltimore, MD on November 17-18. A recording of the webcast of this session will be available soon.

All participants in the Accelerated Development Learning Session should be prepared to:

1.Conduct pre-session planning,
2.Attend an intensive in-person meeting to jump start ACO formation by identifying shared goals, key challenges, and core competencies,
3.Participate in follow-on webinars, and
4.Complete a comprehensive ACO implementation plan with year-by-year benchmarks over the next 3 years.

Note: ACO implementation plans developed are solely designed for individual organizations’ use for internal improvement and transitioning purposes. The Innovation Center will NOT be evaluating or opining on specific applicant’s implementation plans.

The benefits of attending an Accelerated Development Learning Session, or ADLS, include:

Access to faculty with ACO experience. Faculty at each ADLS will be senior leadership from organizations that have already developed many of the characteristics of an ACO. These practitioners have first-hand experience with what is working and not working in the field.

Deep understanding of ACO core competencies. The ADLS will cover several core competencies and strategies for building ACO capacities. Individual sessions and faculty will help participants complete corresponding sections of a comprehensive ACO implementation plan, including defining ACO goals and an action plan for establishing ACO core competencies.

Guided start to developing an implementation plan. Participants will complete a comprehensive implementation plan for establishing the core competencies of an ACO, based on an understanding of their current readiness and gap analysis. Each organization will begin the crucial process of identifying specific goals for care improvement. Resources, toolkits, and faculty support will be provided to help participants complete, update, and prepare to implement a comprehensive implementation plan that includes benchmarks for developing each core competency over the next one to three years.

For more information about the ADL Program, please see the Frequently Asked Questions page.


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